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Buy'em big!

I'm a bugger for buying / making clothes for my kids that are 4 sizes too big, with the thought that they grow like weeds and wanting to get 'my money's worth'. Especially if i see something cracking in a chazza (charity shop) and it is a 'must have' (hand-knitted, ethnic, African, vintage, rare).

I hate buying new clothing from large retailers, it's cheap, exploitative, mass produced and there's so much unwanted clothing around already. Not everyone has the cash to purchase from independent ethical labels, so shopping second hand or swapping within our communities is the way forward. As part of LCN handmade, I will be launching a pre-loved collection of children & adults clothing, sold via Depop and Instagram. I will be giving life to unwanted items through dyeing, customising and cut, to promote the slow fashion movement and the message of making do and mending

I also look forward to setting up children's clothing swap events in Sheffield in the not so distant future.

Here is a delightful set of photos sent to me from a customer, her daughter is having a jolly old time in her new LCN custom made birthday frock. Buy'em big!!! The great feature of our pinafore dresses is that the shoulder ties allow you to tighten to alter the size and fit, giving them extra life and longer wearing time. The extra room allows for a long sleeved T-shirt, as we move into Autumn/ Winter.

I couldn't exit this post without sharing a photo of my son Olin doing his best impression of Simon Cowell, he'll be wearing these trouser until he is five, but thankfully I sew them to last and will definitely be getting my money's worth.

I make 95% of my products to order, so please drop me a email or direct message on Instagram if you are unsure what size to buy, as i can make orders to personal measurements.

Have a delightful weekend and dear god let this rain stop so I can drag my tiny humans to the park!!

Big love,


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