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Hello, I'm Lauren, a contemporary textiles artist based in Sheffield. With a foundation rooted in a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles and further sculpted through a Masters in Accessories Design, my educational journey has been a canvas for honing artistic expression. Beyond academia, my role as a creative educator for vulnerable adults has added depth to my understanding, fostering a commitment to inclusivity and empowering others through the transformative power of art.

As an artist, I engage in the meditative artistry of slow stitching, using deliberate techniques that reflect my commitment to mindfulness. Fueled by a passion for ethically informed creations, my work often draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestries of Africa, India, and Mexico. I draw not only from their vibrant visual landscapes but also from the traditional embroidery techniques passed down by my older generations, weaving a connection to heritage into each piece.

Utilizing specialist hand-dyeing techniques, screen printing, applique, batik, hand-embroidery, and beading, I sculpt a visual ode to the microscopic wonders of nature—crafting artworks that transcend time, becoming revered relics of unseen beauty.

Simultaneously, my art is driven by a deep environmental ethos. I am an advocate for sustainability, utilizing reclaimed materials whenever possible. My artworks carry a powerful environmental message, serving as a celebration of nature's unseen beauty and a plea for the protection of our planet. In the face of ecological challenges, my work is a call to embrace and worship the beauty of our world before it slips away.


May my art resonate as a call to action, compelling us to reflect on the fragility of our planet, the vulnerability of humanity, and the imperative to protect that which is truly vital.

Thank you for visiting my site. I love a challenge and welcome collaborations and commissions, as they offer exciting opportunities to explore new artistic horizons."





2024 'Signs of Spring' 17/02 - 23/03/24

A group exhibition showcasing contemporary artwork from around the country, it is a curated show of mixed media with the theme of spring and the emotions associated with it.

The Kreiva Art Gallery, Bridlington


2024 'Meet the Locals' 

A group based exhibition celebrating the local artists of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

The Fronteer Art Gallery, Sheffield


2023 'The Fronteer Open 2023'

'People's Choice' runner up

Art Prize and group exhibition

The Fronteer Art Gallery, Sheffield


2023 'Urban Jungle' 

A group exhibition featuring over 45 UK based artists, all looking at urban environments

The Fronteer Art Gallery, Sheffield

2023 'Ruby' 

The Art Through Textiles Group, 40th anniversary.

A group exhibition featuring contemporary textiles.

The Art Room, Barlow

2022 'A Sense Of Space'

The Art Through Textiles Group.

A group exhibition featuring contemporary 2D/3D textiles.

The Art Room, Barlow

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