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Hello, I'm Lauren, a contemporary textiles artist based in Sheffield. With a foundation rooted in a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles and further sculpted through a Masters in Accessories Design, my educational journey has been a canvas for honing artistic expression. Beyond academia, my role as a creative educator for vulnerable adults has added depth to my understanding, fostering a commitment to inclusivity and empowering others through the transformative power of art.

As an artist, I engage in the meditative artistry of slow stitching, using deliberate techniques that reflect my commitment to mindfulness. Fueled by a passion for ethically informed creations, my work often draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestries of Africa, India, and Mexico. I draw not only from their vibrant visual landscapes but also from the traditional embroidery techniques passed down by older generations, weaving a connection to heritage into each piece.

Utilizing specialist hand-dyeing techniques, screen printing, applique, hand-embroidery, and beading, I sculpt a visual ode to the microscopic wonders of nature—crafting artworks that transcend time, becoming revered relics of unseen beauty.

Simultaneously, my art is driven by a deep environmental ethos. I am an advocate for sustainability, utilizing reclaimed materials whenever possible. My artworks carry a powerful environmental message, serving as a celebration of nature's unseen beauty and a plea for the protection of our planet. In the face of ecological challenges, my work is a call to embrace and worship the beauty of our world before it slips away.

Thank you for visiting my site. I thrive on challenges and welcome collaborations and commissions, as they offer exciting opportunities to explore new artistic horizons."





2023 'The Fronteer Open 2023'

01/11 - 18/11

An open themed group exhibition and Art Prize.

Fronteer Art Gallery, Sheffield


2023 'Urban Jungle' 25/05 - 10/06

A group exhibition featuring over 45 UK based artists, all looking at urban environments.

Fronteer Art Gallery, Sheffield

2023 'Ruby' 27/05 - 04/06

The Art Through Textiles Group, 40th anniversary.

A group exhibition featuring contemporary textiles.

The Art Room, Barlow

2022 'A Sense Of Space'

The Art Through Textiles Group.

A group exhibition featuring contemporary 2D/3D textiles.

The Art Room, Barlow

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