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Quilts For Palestine

We are creating a community quilt in love and solidarity with Palestine, and we would love for you to join us! Our hearts are utterly broken by the suffering the Palestinian people have endured over the last 75 years of brutal occupation and the recent assault on Gaza in the past six months. While we use our voices for change, we will also turn our hands to action to make a difference for those who have lost everything. You don't need to be an expert quilter. You just need a heart and a few materials to make your square quilt block.

Your quilt block can be pieced, appliqued, or simply squares of fabric. It can be printed, dyed, stitched, and free-styled. The only important requirement is that your final fabric square measures 12" x 12", including a 1/2" seam allowance all around. (This is in inches! Just clarifying in case some of you work in cm and mm.)

If you want to contribute to the project but do not want to sew, why not inspire others with your art and send us a square drawing or painting? We will feature these, as well as photos of the completed quilt blocks, on our Instagram page. Please tag us if you share yours: #quiltforpalestine. Follow the quilt journey @quiltsforpalestine on Instagram.

We would like to invite every sewer, maker, artist, drawer, and painter to send in their work via email to or

Please email with any questions and to request the address to send your patch to us.


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